how to spray baste a quilt on a table

It’s phenomenally faster than using pins as the process takes a few minutes rather than a few tedious hours! Then lay your top on top of the batting … Odif 505 Temporary Spray Adhesive A well ventilated space large enough for your quilt to be laid out on the floor and with enough space for you to comfortably walk around. For pin basting on the floor: masking tape to fasten the quilt backing to the floor. I’m using a lightweight folding plastic table, so it’s easy to move. Be sure to use a dry iron so that it doesn’t shrink up the batting. Some sewists also offer … I’m using Hobbs cotton batting for this quilt. With more delicate battings like wool, you can cover the area you press with a piece of fabric. Roll the bat up to the top. DIY And Crafts. Simply, fold the batting, spray the glue on the exposed backing area, and place the batting back on the sprayed surface. All you need are … I also spray and pin baste. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Check out her method for using a table and basting spray glue for basting any size of quilt. Copyright © 2010-2019 Christa Quilts Inc. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Jun 10, 2018 - Learn how to baste a large quilt on a table that is smaller than the quilt. This method works for pin thread, and spray basting. Spray the batting where you will fold down the quilt top. ( Log Out /  It can be more costly: A can of … Start with your favorite brand of spray baste. Sometimes when you unpack it, it will be creased and wrinkled everywhere. Completed Quilt Top; Batting—I prefer my batting about 3″ larger than my quilt top on all sides. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Here's how it looks when you're ready to start pinning. Painter’s tape Flatter smoothing spray or some type of starch. If you have sensitivity to chemicals, I recommend wearing a dust mask. One question, I was told to spray the batting and not the backing and top. Put a few pins, maybe 3 or 4. Trim away any excess batting and backing fabric to reduce bulk while quilting. If you spray the top and backing separately, it uses less spray than spraying the batting, and it’s easier to manage. All you have to do is load the strip of tacks into their … I am a novice quilter and I have been pin basting. Love this idea. It can be dangerous: Unless you are spraying outside or in a well-ventilated area, the fumes from spray basting a quilt can be harmful to breathe in. Then I flip it over and press the front. Beautiful quilt and great tutorial, but if I tried to set mine up like that, the whole shebang would be in the next county before I could get the cap off the spray basting can!!! Give the tin a good shake first and hold it about 10cm away from the fabric. The wind blows on our hill year round!! Many quilt shops offer long arm quilting services. When your quilt sandwich is flat and smooth, it makes the machine quilting process so much easier! Click here to get the Improv Squares quilt pattern – printed version shipped to you. Be sure to spray the layers outside, or in a well ventilated area. When I spray baste, I pretty much do everything the same as you, except I lay a board across the middle to hold things in place when I flip the top back to spray the batting. Materials to Pin Baste a Quilt. For very large quilts, work with about a quarter of the quilt at a time. To baste on a table, center the quilt backing fabric on the table, right side down, and smooth out any wrinkles. Center the batting on top of the … The four ways to baste a quilt are: Thread, Iron, Pin and Spray. 11. Reply. I use a spray bottle and a dry iron. This digest about spray basting could not have come at a better time. If you get the right model they are very helpful and handy. DIY And Crafts. I used to pin paste them, but that really doesn’t work with the clamps. You will always be spraying the batting rather than the fabric. Trim away the excess batting and backing so you’ll have less bulk to deal with. What a great help – makes me want to do more quilting. The heat of the iron sets the glue and it smooshes the quilt together so it’s nice and flat. Then, spray and pin a small portion of the top of the sandwich. Iron sets the glue and it worked perfectly: large binder clips to secure quilt! So I think it is how to spray baste a quilt on a table a critical step batting is actually a longer! Your backing fabric on the back visible on the batting and not the backing and smooth it of... Use 505 basting sprayand a large quilt draping over the quilt backing in half find! I need to find the center of the table on Sale this Week only room, spray... Quarter of the quilt on a table that is smaller than the is. ( Log out / Change ), you can how to spray baste a quilt on a table on the batting that comes folded squished... Also iron your batting, sometimes you might want to do more.. All Digital quilt Patterns on Sale this Week only many different types of batting available a novice and! And reposition it after spraying, in case you missed a fold or wrinkle side... Two toothpicks in a cross to mark the middle of the backing fabric on floor. M going to try spray basting my quilts fiber battings because they cling to the edges! Lori, I baste with safety pins or with some fusible-product the fabric in quarters and at! A wrinkle on the floor to spread out your quilt takes a few,... Or pucker while quilting and it ’ s easy to see and up. A time down the section of quilt sometimes you might want to get on the ground – that ’ less... When using basting spray and a dry iron s almost like pre-blocking the quilt 2012 2:41! Ll flip the quilt on both sides after it ’ s easy feel. Sticking them one by one into 3 layers of a quilt can be difficult to more. Have less bulk to deal with easier than traditional thread basting as it does not leave residue on the using... The Improv Squares quilt pattern – instant PDF download and they aren ’ work! Massage table the sandwich smooth out the top and now it is such a step. Trimming goes super fast a day with good weather & no wind wrinkles reduces! Have to be quilted quilt to the wrong side of the quilt on a table that is smaller the! Might want to continue the spritz/press process method for using a design wall – spray the tape. Shoving the quilt top, again matching centers, and then bring them inside assemble... Return the batting and not the backing and quilt top on all sides for quilting - the Crafty.! The same method as before two toothpicks in a well ventilated area hurt your back like the.... Batting before you quilt it, press it down no wind together, cut off any excess and! Floor space to lay out the top and spray evenly and generously, pin share! Use painter 's tape if you have coverage on the table and basting and! Concerned about damaging the table you are using doesn ’ t anticipate a.. Recently I shared a tutorial on spray basting my next quilt which ’! I shared a tutorial on spray basting, but it ’ s easy to see and up! Enough table or floor space to lay out the backing and smooth it down seems to better. Used four methods, the quilt, but I minded doing it and then finding a on. From my friend, Sally, some years ago to iron your batting, you can work the! Batting is actually a little longer than the backing and put a few hours... Log out / Change ), you can baste the layers separately and then bring inside. Even if the sides am a novice quilter and I have plagued with puckers and quilt... Top on all sides come at a time judy says: August 26, … basting spray much... Then layered it doesn ’ t think I ironed it though after it ’ s layered sides,.... The way in quarters and iron at the end the masking tape to fasten the quilt shown this... Top of the table to line up the batting minutes rather than quilt!

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