a pair of good quality boots and clothing to protect you from the cold and the right medications for the sun protection and many more.


For the adventurous:

            Many individuals are interested in the adventure sports and they are also very inclined towards trekking and camping outdoors. Such people must have their own collection of good quality products that are supportive of their sport and offer enough protection when they are out and about in the nature. You can never be too cautious when it comes to camping as the wilderness has several animals which are not so human friendly and you do not know what you might encounter when you go out for shooting there.

You will always need the tools that will be helpful for safe camp

The right products:

            Carrying the right products and in the needed numbers will offer a sense of safety as you can expect the unexpected when it comes to nature. Camping gear is a must and you must carry with you the tent for privacy, a cooking stove, a coal fired barbecue, a pair of good quality boots and clothing to protect you from the cold and the right medications for the sun protection and many more.

The tools:

            You will always need the tools that will be helpful for safe camp and they have to be from the best manufacturer so that it can have a good shelf life. The knives for both carving a path and for cooking is very important, the head gear such as a sturdy hat, rugged shoes, animal protective clothing and the cooking equipments so that you do not go hungry in the outdoors.

Quality a must!

            When you search for the shooting gear you must always keep the quality criterion in mind in order to buy the equipment that stays with you through the ups and downs of the jungle like a hand gun to scare away the predators and the socks for keeping the cold away and other such essentials.

Vietnam Visa Fee Hike in 2013

Vietnam Visa Fee Hike in 2013

Those planning to set out to Vietnam in 2013 must know that there have been a new hiked in the fees. Since January 2013, the visa fee charge for the stamp when one arrives in the country has been changed. If you’re going for fun or for business, you must be well aware of these higher Vietnam visa fees 2013 and must accommodate them into your travel budget. Some are quite shocked with the move; others say that it’s no surprise to them. This article informs you about the changing visa fee structure in Vietnam and how that looks to impact the global traveller.

Then and Now

Since the beginning of the year, the immigration charges or the fee for stamping, have gone up. The fee was initially $25 for a single entry on a visa. In 2013, this fee for a month’s single entry shall be $45 per head. For any individual, that is a pretty big blow. The Vietnam visa fees 2013 sure have left most travellers shell shocked.

For multiple entries, the Vietnam visa fees 2013shall be changing too. The charged fee earlier was at %50 USD for 1, 3 or 6 months validity on the visa. The structure for the fees has totally changed now. The fee amount increase depends entirely upon how long your stay in the country will be. From January 2013, the fee structure will break down like this:

  • Multiple entries on a visa for a duration which is less than 30 days would be charged a fee of $65 for each person.
  • Multiple entries visa which would have a validity of less than half a year would be charging a fee of $95.

The Vietnam visa fees 2013 sure have become much more expensive than they were.If a traveller needs a visa with multiple entries for duration of 6 months, then that person will also face steeper prices. In 2013, the whole face of getting visas done will become a much more expensive affair. For this kind of entry, the visa was set to about $100 on a per head basis. Now, this price has gone up to $135 with the Vietnam visa fees 2013 price hike. These days, prices are touching the skies, so it probably made sense for the department of Immigration of the country to shoot up these fees.

The Vietnam visa fees 2013 aren’t going to come down any time soon and probably will continue to rise over the years. Many people are not happy with the same because it wasn’t so that airfare was getting any cheaper. People feel that this move could backfire and eventually, hit tourism in the country. Foreigners are also delighted to hear this and say that would prefer to plan their holiday elsewhere if that is the case. The truth is that this is case and there is no turning back form here. A hike as big as $20 in every visa process can really impact inflow of tourists to the country and is not being globally appreciated. Some people can only hope that the move will be reversed. Others, however, feel that the move has happened quite late and was expected much earlier.


No matter where you travel, it’s always a better idea to prepare about the expenditure. It’s important that these details also into one’s budget. Airfare and stay are important too but visa costs must never be taken for granted. It’s better to take due precaution while dealing with such matters as this could ruin your trip. The price hikes these days are impacting everything. Airline fares to Vietnam are steadily going up because of the hike of prices in fuel. Similarly, obtaining a visa is going to be a costlier affair, and one will have to really fit this into their budgets to make sure that they enjoy smooth, hassle free travel.

If you’re looking forward to going to Vietnam, then make sure you adjust your expenditures a little to fit the higher visa prices. Upon arrival, you can get your visa stamped but that is sure to cost you much more than it did previously. Even the Vietnam visa fees 2013prices of getting an emergency visa in Vietnam have soared. The Vietnam visa fees 2013 hike is biggest travellers have seen so far but it’s predicted in that years to come seeing such hikes won’t be such a shocker.