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as are hot drinks in cold wet weather. It’s smaller than Ben Nevis and Swindon at 978m, but the almost non-stop elevation of the climb means that it’s every bit as tough. Always carry an extra battery pack if you plan to use an app. This should include gloves, hat, It is of major importance for British winter climbing, with many of … whistle, First Aid Kit and emergency shelter. Beware of organised events as the car park only has spaces for 80 cars. Yes, Climbing Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Great Britain was a great day. Yay Kate! Dallas, TX — An extremely rare letter written and signed by composer Ludwig van Beethoven sold for $275,000 to lead Heritage Auctions' Historical Manuscripts Auction to $1,762,995.50 in total sales Nov. 12.. Photo by Neil Reid. Firstly, the Mountain Path route is 11 miles from the Ben Nevis Visitor Centre, so I suggest getting used to walking at least 10 miles on a regular basis. Mountaineering Scotland recognises that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Cheers from Texas! Thankfully, being surrounded by hundreds of people going through exactly the same thing kept me going. Whilst there is a steep path most of the way, there are some horrible drops near the top – including the vertiginous Gardyloo Gully – just as the path disappears. Great advice and tips. Considerable efforts go into maintaining and repairing the mountain track each year, often by volunteers working in … Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in the British Isles, is attempted by thousands of people every year. Mountaineering Scotland is a registered trademark of the Mountaineering Council of Scotland Limited, Our website uses cookies throughout our system and to help us provide a better service. as it absorbs moisture and draws the heat from your body. As Scotland's highest mountain, Ben Nevis attracts a lot of attention, with people from the UK and overseas coming every year to make the climb. It would be wise to climb some lower hills first to build up your hill fitness levels. Take Fort William is the town you need to reach. I must admit I’ve never been happier to reach the summit of a hill, you can tell by my face just how much I was still grimacing. Climbing on Ben Nevis Major features of the north face summit region. We started our climb at 9 am. How hard you will find climbing Ben Nevis will totally depend on your fitness – and the type of exercise you are used to. The route described here is the standard way up the mountain; it is straightforward, if strenuous, by hillwalking standards, but the less experienced should be … Ben Nevis although a well trodden trail still incurs several deaths a year. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. That makes you one of the good guys! Do not attempt the much more difficult CMD Arete without the experience of ridge walking. It was freezing at the top, and after a quick summit selfie we wrapped up (I was very thankful for my hat, gloves and my down jacket!) It's a long slog, but not technically challenging. Everyone should have a map and compass with Ben Nevis Mountain in Scotland. Watch 3 Hard, Winter First Ascents in Scotland by Dave MacLeod climbing.com - Climbing Staff. and the weather was on our side.To the bar to celebrate the Big Ben! secure grip. Photo by Daniela Frendo. Take a righ… One of the most popular hikes in the country given its status as Britain’s highest peak, it is also surprisingly straightforward, even for hiking novices. The summit of Ben Nevis is located at a height of 1,345 … You might think they'll break down quickly, but they take a lot longer than you think because of the conditions up there and upset the ecology on the plateau. There are toilets at the Inn at the bottom of Ben Nevis. A wee loch on Ben Nevis. I cannot wait to attempt the Ben and your journey and tips have been most helpful! I forced myself onward and upwards as the easy steps and well-made path of the glen below turned to slippery shale and uneven rocks and the path climbed up the hill in an endless exhausting zigzag. My head has still to come back down out of the clouds…. The cable car or the Nevis Range Mountain Gondola goes up Aonach Mor which is also in the Ben Nevis Range. The climb took us 5.5 hours, but we are used to hillwalking (despite my struggles!) Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement. More info. However, if you decide to climb Ben Nevis via other routes, there are some discussions to have. If there is an accident and you are in need of professional help, dial 999 or 112 and ask for Police and Mountain Rescue. If you are unsure about how to follow these directions you can refer to our navigation pages for more information, but it is vital that at least one of your party is confident about their navigation skills. We made fast progress, reaching the halfway point of the Red Burn and the Lochan Meall a t-Suidhe at 570m in just 1 hour. $67.61 per adult. them and know how to use them in the event of poor visibility. The familiar whaleback of Ben Nevis rising over surrounding mountains. We were sailing the Caledonian Canal so tied up at nearby Banavie and jumped in a taxi (£9 from Banavie, £7 back into Fort William) to the start of the walk at the Glen Nevis Visitor Center. Follow the path, with the River Nevis on your right-hand side. Ben Nevis via the Ledge Route. From the summit cairn, walk for 150 metres on a bearing of 231 degrees, which will take you safely past Gardyloo Gully on your right. Thousands of people do climb Ben Nevis every year, and the vast majority of them make it back down safely. Popular: Booked by 428 travellers! As the climb is also 5.4 miles uphill, I would also suggest climbing a few beginners hills or beginners Munros in advance. No. Your pictures are stunning! However, I find Scotland’s weather is best in May and September. The route described here is the most popular ‘tourist’ route and suitable for most ability and experience levels. your footwear should provide good ankle support and have a firm sole with a I've been climbing hills since May last year, but must admit, I'd had a couple of months off before the big climb (which is why I think I struggled!). Because the summit is on the edge of the cliffs, and there are steep gullies on either side of the route down, it is absolutely essential that you know and are able to follow the correct directions to safely gain the lower slopes. Getting to And Climbing Ben Nevis Ben Nevis, the highest peak in the UK at 1344m (4406 ft), lies a fair way up the western side of Scotland, about 130 miles north of the city of Glasgow. For climbers and mountaineers the main attraction lies in the 600-metre (2,000 ft) high cliffs of the north face. The north face of Ben Nevis is riven with buttresses, ridges, towers and pinnacles, and contains many classic scrambles and rock climbs. Check out my guide to hillwalking in Scotland. During reasonable summer weather, using Naismith's we can calculate the time to be added just on the ascent part of the rule: 135 mins. Ha, never in a million years… I’m not ready for that” If like me, that thought is going through your head, then this post is for you. This was our second climb up Ben Nevis, and thanks to unbelievably clear weather, it was far better than our first climb, which was shrouded in mist and a chill wind. Yes, you need to have a reasonable fitness level and stamina. Climbing Ben Nevis – Map the Route. Climbing Ben Nevis is relatively easy if you take the tourist footpath in summer. Even in summer, Ben Nevis can be very cold, wet, windy and covered in snow; and remember, it will get colder and windier the higher you climb. As well as exploring Ben Nevis, be sure to check out nearby Cairngorms and Glencoe mountain ranges. This is often due to lack of preparation, knowledge and accidents. © 2021 Mountaineering Scotland Make a fairly simple summer ascent via Tower Ridge or challenge yourself and climb through ice and snow to conquer the peak in the heart of winter. Don’t forget to check out the wind speed. With a very wet and very windy alpine climate, you are never guaranteed views on the Ben. The Ludwig Autograph Letter Signed "Beethoven" roared past its pre-auction estimate of $60,000+ to reach its final result, which was the most paid for a Beethoven-signed … specialist equipment. The Novice Walker should not attempt to walk up Ben Nevis between November and May, or during bad or cloudy weather. Taiwan's export orders likely rose in December for a 10th straight month, a Reuters poll showed, buoyed by continued demand for technology products during … The normal time taken to climb to the top by the tourist path is three and a half to five hours - coming down is much faster, between one and a half to two and a half hours. It is rare to get clear views from the top, and indeed the cloud had closed in. But in 3 hours we had climbed 1345m – and were on top of the UK. The Glen Nevis Youth Hostel (NN 127 717) is a really convenient place to stay if you're planning to climb Ben Nevis. high energy foods are best (e.g. And thanks for including tips!! Glencoe, Ben Nevis and Loch Ness Day Tour from Edinburgh. The best place to fly into to climb Ben Nevis is Glasgow. The other option is to fly to Inverness which is on the east coast and drive through Loch Ness and head down to Fort William. 8,500 m so if you can sustain a pace of 5 kph for the duration of the walk and don't take any breaks the distance travelled part of the rule gives 102 mins. Further information can be viewed at Ben Nevis' own website. Simple chocolate, dried fruits, cheese and biscuits), During the winter months or early summer when Rock Climbing A rock climber's paradise, the North Face of Ben Nevis has steep jagged cliff edges which are 600m high in places and perfect for rock climbing. We started our climb at 9 am. At first, we found the path easy, and steadily climbing we left the glen behind. The Mountain Track is also known as ‘the Ben Nevis tourist route’ which makes it sound easy – it is not. Ben Nevis is in Lochaber, around 1.5 miles from Fort William and is part of the Nevis Range of the Grampian mountains in Scotland. Climbing Ben Nevis is my dream thing to do and I really hope to cross it off my bucket list soon. Your pictures along the way are stunning. The best time to climb Ben Nevis is from late spring to early autumn. Welcome to Love, From Scotland, the Scotland travel blog that shows you where to stay and how to get outside in Scotland. warm sweater or fleece. There is no cafe or shop at the summit, so take everything you need for the whole day. There is a variety of routes to choose from, including the Ledge Route and Tower Ridge. Do not underestimate how challenging this climb is: it starts virtually from sea level and ascends a rocky and rough track to 1344m - then you have to come all the way back down again. to the summit, but higher up above the Half Way Lochan snow cover and rocky “Who me? Climbing to the summit of Ben Nevis via the Grade II Ledge Route is a lot of fun. There is also parking available at the Glen Nevis Centre for £3. While it is definitely possible for an amateur to reach the summit, the main thing to keep in mind is that Ben Nevis is not to be underestimated. The summit of Ben Nevis, perched on the edge of cliffs. Climbing Ben Nevis As Scotland's highest mountain, Ben Nevis attracts a lot of attention, with people from the UK and overseas coming every year to make the climb. Liability insurance is included in membership, so you have peace of mind when you're enjoying the outdoors! 130 reviews. Climbing Ben Nevis may not be as perilous as, say, Annapurna or Everest, but it is a wild place and things do go wrong. Highland Council has a dedicated ranger base right at the foot of the main mountain track in Glen Nevis, with toilets and car parking facilities. Any advice on how the two compare? You will also need a map and compass to help you navigate in poor visibility (see below). Regardless of when you come or how experienced you are, Ben Nevis is always available for a mountaineering adventure. Don’t be fooled by the weather conditions down in Fort William, it will be very different on the upper slopes of Ben Nevis, so make sure you take warm and waterproof clothes including hat and gloves. I know Ben Nevis is higher though. However, from the halfway point on I struggled. less obvious. Mountaineering Scotland Participation Statement. enough food and drink for each member of your group. I climbed Snowdon in Wales via the Watkin Path this year so I'm wondering if I'm up for the challenge of Ben Nevis. And if you can take down more litter than you took up? Ben Nevis is famous for being Britain's highest mountain, but notorious for being Britain's highest rubbish dump. 130 reviews. It’s the highest mountain in the British Isles. How long did you train before the actual climb? Anything above 20mph will be arduous at 4000ft. This was our second climb up Ben Nevis, and thanks to unbelievably clear weather, it was far better than our first climb, which was shrouded in mist and a chill wind. Distance to the Top: 9km (5.5 miles) Ascent: 1280m (4200ft) Rough … Winter, spring, summer or autumn, Ben Nevis is always available for climbing. The average time taken to climb Ben Nevis is 7-9 hours, with the climb to the top taking around 4 hours, and the return 3 hours. Many people get into Most of the time the Ben is hidden in deep cloud. Hill walking boots with a ‘Vibram’ sole are strongly recommended to protect your feet from the rocky terrain, prevent slips and to keep you warm. Does that mean you need a guide to do the Ben Nevis walk? After a short walk you will reach a three-way signpost for the Visitor Centre, Youth Hostel and Ben Nevis. The morning of climbing ben nevis I was extremely nervous. The hostel sits at the foot of the mountain just opposite the start of the Pony Track/Tourist route , so the climbs on both the North-East Face and Southern Slopes are easily accessible. Dave MacLeod writes: "First winter ascents of one grade VIII and two IX mixed routes on Ben Nevis and Glen Coe which I did during December. ClimbScotland is a registered trademark of the Mountaineering Council of Scotland Limited However it is a demanding walk with many potential hazards and there are also accidents every year, many of which could have been avoided had the people involved been aware of the challenges involved. Then at 1200m, the views disappeared, leaving us in the fog to follow the crowds to the summit. You can see just why Ben Nevis is so dangerous and deserves its name ‘the venomous’ mountain. It was time to face those horrendous zigzags again, but with my trusty Leki walking sticks, I found the going down much easier, and just 2 hours later the welcoming sight of the Ben Nevis Inn appeared into view. Learn how your comment data is processed. It will take six to eight hours for the round trip depending on your level of fitness. Once you have reached the zig-zags, if there is snow about you must still be careful to avoid drifting into the Red Burn area, which is a known avalanche danger area. The roads are easy to … More info. I've not climbed Snowdon, but I do know its a shorter and lower climb, comparable to most of our Munros, Ben Nevis is quite a lot higher, but the path is very easy. I couldn’t help stopping for photos, the views across to Loch Linnhe, down to Lismore and as far as the Isle of Mull were absolutely stunning. 1 – Ben Nevis – 1344 m (4409 feet) Located in the Grampian Mountains … I left a longer comment on the Female Travel Blogger FB page. Cotton clothing such as jeans and T shirts is not recommend Find out more about Mountaineering Scotland's #TakItHame anti litter campaign. Congrats! Popular: Booked by 428 travelers! mountaineering boots and crampons and know when and how to use this Get a FREE Harvey's Ben Nevis Ultramap when you join Mountaineering Scotland - find out more here. Glencoe, Ben Nevis and Loch Ness Day Tour from Edinburgh. At first, we found the path easy, and steadily climbing we left the glen behind. There are a series of large summit cairns to follow in bad weather. Ben Nevis in Scotland is the UK’s highest mountain at 1,345 m/ 4,411 ft high.. Not quite as high as the mighty Mt Everest in Nepal at 8,848 m/ 29,029 ft. wind and waterproof clothing is essential. difficulties when the cloud lowers or snow covers the track making the route Standing as the highest mountain in the British Isles, Ben Nevis is located in Inverness-shire in Scotland’s Highlands. terrain make it difficult or impossible to follow at times. To the South and West, a relatively gentle slope with a well-maintained footpath take you easily from Fort William to the summit. Staff at the ranger base can provide you with all the latest information regarding conditions on the mountain (tel 01397 705922). Congratulations! Climbing Ben Nevis: What you need to know When to go. For Ben Nevis weather forecasts, I recommend you check out all the following sites before your walk. Navigational skills are crucial for a safe return. But still pretty high. carry equipment for use in an emergency such as a torch, Climbing Ben Nevis is incredibly popular it’s estimated that around 150,000 people climb Ben Nevis each year but this in no way means it is an easy walk. Continue to use the site as normal if you're happy with this, or, Further information can be viewed at Ben Nevis' own website, If there is an accident and you are in need of professional help. That includes items like banana skins, apple cores and other organic materials. Volunteers do what they can, but the real solution is for people to always #TakItHame - take home whatever food wrappings, uneaten food and anything else that you carried up with you. Read on to find out what you need to know for a successful ascent and a safe return! Summer days are quite long in Scotland – the sun comes up around 5am and it gets dark around 10pm. Thousands of people do climb Ben Nevis every year, and the vast majority of them make it back down safely. There’s a small fence you need to climb over, but it’s a small and clear path leading to the next three-way signpost for Achintee, Ben Nevis and Visitor Centre. Here is how to climb Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest mountain. Click here to find out about digital map subscription* with Ordnance Survey and always have a map in your pocket. Ben Nevis has experienced avalanches, rockslides and blizzards in the past. Yes, Description At 1343m (4400feet), Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the United Kingdom. Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Britain. Hear pronunciation Press to hear pronunciation. Climbing Ben Nevis? The distance to the summit of Ben Nevis is approx. With an average of only 14 clear days a year on its summit, getting a good day on Ben Nevis is a wee bit of luck! Then follow a bearing of 282 degrees, which will take you down to the zig-zags on the mountain track, avoiding Five Finger Gully with its deceivingly gentle upper slopes but which has been scene of many accidents. and perched on a rock for a wee dram and a good old-fashioned cheese sarnie before we turned for home. snow covers the upper part of the mountain you will also need an ice axe, rigid To make sure that you don’t feel the way I did in the morning and to help you prepare for your hike. Getting there is relatively simple by train or coach and a short taxi drive will take you right there. Warm, No. I am not sure there is a ‘best time’ to climb Ben Nevis. The average time taken to climb Ben Nevis is 7-9 hours, with the climb to the top taking around 4 hours, and the return 3 hours. Depending on your level of experience, taking one of the winter climbing courses on offer may be a good idea. There is a man-made track Even Search and Rescue Dog Millie looks cold on the upper slopes on Ben Nevis. Don’t attempt the Ben in winter unless you are a specialist climber. Once you arrive in Scotland I would highly recommend that you hire a car. Once you have crossed the bridge, turn right. $67.48 per adult. Despite all the hills I’d clocked up, the ease that I could walk 10 miles, and that our last outing (14 miles in the rain over most of Beinn a’Ghlo) was a much tougher challenge than Ben Nevis, I climbed the next 500 meters at a snail’s pace. Thousands of people climb Ben Nevis every year and, like it or not, all those pairs of boots have an impact on the mountain environment – even yours and mine! Find out more about about Mountaineering Scotland membership and join today from just £24.50 for your first year PLUS a free gift. At the top of Ben Nevis is a rocky plateau of about 100 acres, a trig point denotes the highest point, while there is also a ruined observatory (now a shelter for those caught out by the weather). Total beginner? Facing the Ben Nevis Visitor Centre, head left and cross the bridge over the River Nevis. Even though I have climbed over 15 hills, knowing that Ben Nevis was the biggest one in the UK, my tummy was going.

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