electrical transmission

How to track the real-time data

The cascading analyses will be supportive for automating the prediction as well as for mitigating the cascading outages that support enhancing the power of system resiliences. The PCM is known as the Potential Cascading Modes that is used for prediction the cascading outages. The PCM would allow the users to plan and operate the engineering for determining the action for alleviating the voltages that get collapsed after the occurrence of cascading. Used for improving the reliability of the grid by facilitating the integration of renewable sources of energy. Tracking real time data is easy when you had made use of the proper distribution and transmission using the PMU data.

You can easily start automating the entire process that the cascading outages analysis would be made stead for increasing the stability. This module is mainly used for intending the transient stability and it qualifies the power system’s ability by withstanding the outages that happen due to the thermal voltage violation that leads to the cascading events.

What are its capabilities?

  • The prediction of the cascading outages is used to quickly identify the initiative events.
  • The analysis is used for determining the consequences of the outages of the cascading.
  • Helps in identifying the sequence and flow that is going to be taken place in the cascading process.
  • It visualizes the events by controlling the actions for preventing the cascades for imposing the situational awareness.

The PCM is used for preventing cascading outages that optimize the existing controls that are available in electrical transmission networks. While undergoing the action the optimal remedial action is applied after the occurrences of the initial event. To get a better result it is combined along with OPM. The output result that is gained would provide the best operation and planning options for preventing its outages.

What do you have to know about mitigating cascading?

It allows for determining the engineering process for determining the remedial actions to alleviate the voltage that gets collapsed. The cascading outages analysiswill be ranked based on the type of the amount that has to be curtailed to alleviate the steady-state stability. The amount that acts as the unserved load would holds the number of the different tiers in cascading chain. The values of the voltages and the overloads that are found at the amount of the non-consequential and consequential loads will be used for generating the loss that might play the important component in the algorithm for ranking the outages of the cascading.