Microblading Vs Eyebrow Tattoo – Which Is The Better Option

From the ever evolving beauty techniques, eyebrow techniques have always had a new trend, whether its the shaping styles and designs or the methods used, like threading as well as tattooing. Eyebrows provide a defining feature to the face. The symmetry, shape and thickness can change the entire aesthetics of the face as well its structure. A lot of people, however, have rather thin and dull looking eyebrows, blame it on the genes. On the other hand, there are those affected by diseases like cancer and alopecia, that do not have eyebrows at all. It can be quite daunting for such people to keep filling in or draw out entire eyebrows everyday using makeup. In such cases methods like eyebrow tattooing and microblading can be done.

There are two methods of eyebrow tattoo, permanent as well as semi-permanent method called as microblading. To choose which one to go for is up to you, however you need to know some common differences between the two to make the right choice.

eyebrow tattoo

  1. Permanent vs Semi permanent 

Microblading has become quite the rage in the cosmetic industry because of its temporary nature. This semi-permanent method of tattooing is done by depositing a dye or pigment into the top layer of the skin, with the help of a micro blade. This is done very intricately to mimic the appearance of eyebrow hair. The permanent method of tattooing that involves the injecting of the tattoo ink to draw artificial eyebrows on the skin. Both these methods fade with time, but in the case of tattoos, it fades into a rather ugly looking greenish hue. Microblading on the other hand fades into a lighter hue of the same color which can be retouched from time to time.

Eyebrow trends keep changing from time to time, in such cases getting a particular shape and design tattooed permanently is not ideal. In the case of microblading however, you can let it fade with time and use a different shape and design for the next session.

  1. Cost comparison 

While the cost of both these methods is the same, microblading needs to be redone every year or so, and hence the cost of these sessions do add up.

  1. Safety 

Tattooing comes with a lot of risks as it uses a machine and a needle to inject the chemicals of tattoo ink into the deeper layers of the skin, whereas in the case of microblading, it uses a semi permanent pigment or dye that is relatively less harmful as it is injected only in the topmost layer.

  1. Pain scale 

Microblading is not more painful that the threading of eyebrows whereas the pain of tattooing is definitely high in comparison.

  1. Resulting look 

The resulting look is that of artificial and flat looking eyebrows in the case opf tattoos whereas because of the thin tool used in microblading, it can be made to appear as natural as original eyebrow hair.

Hence, it is a more ideal option to choose microblading rather than eyebrow tattoos that give you the option to change your mind about the style or you can even let it fade away completely if you do not desire to continue with it. This option is not available in case of tattoos where procedures like laser therapy are required to completely get rid of it.