Bitcoin reaches the bottom: why can it fall

Bitcoin, one of the main cryptocurrencies in cryptocurrencies, has unexpectedly fallen since the beginning of 2018. The continuous fall in the prices of such a demanded digital currency is disappointing in the enormous amount of its currenciesrulers.

Last year, Bitcoin continued to make rapid, albeit inconsistent, cost increases, until it reached an incredible $ 20,000 per coin! But, seeing the excessive cost of the same cryptocurrency that angered everyone last year, one can begin to doubt that this has ever happened.

2018 began with the inability to maintain the record of the previous year. It broke the hearts of many of those who invested in Bitcoin, basing their calculations on their performance in 2017.

On January 6, 2018, bitcoin fell to around $ 17,000, and this is the highest value since 2018. One month later, on February 6, 2018, it was significantly reduced to $ 7,000. Since then, the value of Bitcoin continued to skip when we lost value. Today, Bitcoin still stands with a disappointing cost of around $ 6,389.


With its performance this year, we can safely say that bitcoin is likely to fall below $ 6,000. Many factors are inherent in this opinion, and we will discuss them along the way.

  • It is unlikely that a company will grow without regular customers:
  • Ask any successful entrepreneur; Satisfied customers or customers are gold. You cannot begin to calculate the cost and growth that you bring to your company. Last year, the rapid growth of Bitcoin caused a lot of noise, which caused many people to invest in it.
  • Negative criticism is not appropriate for the business:
  • Undoubtedly, bitcoins were flooded with many headlines and negative comments that any business owner would want to hide from the public. Combining these bad comments and headlines with the reality of the growing value of Bitcoin from year to year, there are enough signs that investors are very discouraged.