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words created with Neat, words starting with Neat, words start Neat Neat definition: A neat place, thing, or person is tidy and smart , and has everything in the correct... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 2 letter words OK - OX 3 letter words APT - BAD - COW - DRY - FAB - HOT - RUM - YAK 4 letter words This site was created by fans for the fans only. Saying neat in Middle-Eastern Languages. The game has few questions in one level. Posted on May 19, 2014 by read-between-the-lanes 2 Warmer weather, old curtains, and creative friends makes for a fun evening taking photos – and the wonderfully sweet photographer Meghan Reynolds, was awesome enough to take the time to snap shots of me and my gal pals, Ann Dragitch and Anjuli Bhattacharyya. 1). What do the words ZEN, AXIOM and ESQUIRE have in common? Dish cooked in liquid and served in gravy, Another word for ice, served with a neat drink, Another name for a jumper, worn to keep warm, Japanese electronics maker, sponsored Arsenal, A shape that points to a thing or direction, Electronics brand that made the PlayStation, The Lady in __ 6: Music Saved My Life, a film, Press the throttle to make a car engine growl, A little __ is a dangerous thing: Alexander Pope, After a bulb is turned on, it has become this, The __ since sliced bread; a great new invention, Non-Jewish people, usually considered Christians, Valuable deposit of minerals in a rock formation, Seat row in a church; fictional blaster sound, Set of cards in Monopoly, not Community Chest, __ love is devotion conditional on being fed, The buttons that you press on a games console, Crustaceans with indigo shell, Maryland famous, Seasonal wind of the Indian Ocean, southern Asia, Preserve fruits and vegetables in one of these, The type of weather characterized by strong gusts, Tom Hanks 80s movie about child in adult body, First name of the wizard who beat Voldemort, Money provided for a project or initiative, Not wanting to do anything, lack of motivation, Nation where Olympics runner Usain Bolt was born, Where a person can wipe their feet before entering, US president on the right of Mount Rushmore, Most vehicles require four of these to move, People native to Athens, Crete or Kos, for example, Word that ends all seven parts of the week, Euphoric feelings released with runner’s high, To relate to the horoscopes and zodiac signs, Using a keyboard to write something on a computer, Ms. Blake in Scooby-Doo in a purple mini dress, White or yellow flower; jonquil, narcissus, Creamy French soup made with lobster shells, Actor Jude, he played Watson in Sherlock Holmes, A contest or exhibition where cowboys ride broncos, To be hostile and ready to fight at all times, Has gotten a bad reputation as a fighting dog, Type of restaurant where you can order chow mein, Kid’s __ Awards, Nickelodeon juvenile event, Saliva from the mouths of babies; basketball move, Provocative fifth studio album for Madonna, Austin Powers villain with baby finger on his lips, Tom and Jerry, a tale of a cat chasing this animal, Called a sidewalk in the US and trottoir in France, One to the head might be an accidental table smack, In need of food, and really unhappy about it, Little Miss __, afraid of spider in nursery rhyme, Island where Baden Powell created the Scouts, __ Games, trilogy of books later on big screen, Comfy, movable seats made from filled sacks, Ruby mat rolled out for VIPs and celebrities, Custom or tailor-made clothes, shoes, etc, Italian manufacturer of luxury sports vehicles, Dough pieces, sweet or salty, sometimes stuffed, Process also known as hydraulic fracturing, Food product associated with the term balsamic, Person who did a serious crime and went to prison, __-Elysu00e9es, famous tree-lined Parisian avenue, Cluster of plant roots compacted together, Insect that makes a noise by rubbing its wings, Quality of a fizzy drink or sparkling personality, Rudolph __, silent film actor of The Sheik, Skilled craft worker; makes furniture, art, etc, Houses are made of this cookie during the holidays, Cartoons Strong Bad, Strong Mad, Strong __, Barley and wheat relative used in beer and bread, Keeps your hair dry in the bath or under sprinkler, Fastener for binding electric wires together, Three precious stones on Meghan’s engagement ring, Quid __, you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours, Ancient Celtic priest that hung around Stone Henge, Speared upon something, like a fence spike, Wall climbing leafy plant; poisonous comic villain, Most northerly US state that houses Portland, Creamy salad named after an Italian American chef, Sweet canary on the look out for a putty tat, Conceptions of or beliefs about something, Largest animal known to have ever existed, The term for something relating to the sun, Blood-sucking beast, leaves two punctured wounds, __ and lemons, say the bells of St Clement’s, Dark frozen patch on a road that’s hard to see, A table designed to be placed against a wall, A stick, liquid, or spray for craft projects, Hannah __, alter ego of Wrecking Ball singer, A superhero or villain double personality, Acorn-producing tree that existed before dinosaurs, Underground home of an undomesticated rabbit, In this movie Al Pacino plays a drug dealer, Babe, Porky and Napoleon were this animal, Song by the Beatles: With a Little Help From My __, Ancient civilization located in southern Mexico, Frugal; of someone who spends money wisely, Paper receipts that permit entrance to a venue, Legally taking in someone’s children as your own, The tenth month in Julian and Gregorian Calendars, The song __ Wheel was by Old Crow Medicine Show, An offer of money for capturing a wild west bandit, Audio receiver for recording or amplifying voice, Holiday beverage made with milk and egg yolks, Last letter of the NATO phonetic alphabet, Cretaceous period dino; mini version of a T-Rex, __ shop, cafe where you can get the black stuff, Roman political leader assassinated by his friend, Victorian hand-warming tube, often made of fur, Repetitive name for chili plant; popular sauce, Sophie __, Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, Causes a high voice when inhaled from a balloon, Lightning McQueen’s first Radiator Springs visit, A game where the goal is to say checkmate, Converted a private business to state control, Title for McStuffins in the kids’ cartoon, Sparkling, precious stones found in rings, 1985 non-fiction science book by Carl Sagan, Ylvis wants to know what this sly animal says, Thin, pointed metal piece for tacking clothes, Criminal group like the Sharks or the Jets, Overly touristy spot designed to pull in crowds, __ tower, the navigation bridge on a submarine, The devil is shown with them growing from his head, A convenience at a festival or on a building site, Popular for seasoning; will keep vampires away, Warm space on a living room wall with a mantel. He is described as white, in his late 30s to early 40s, with short, dark neat hair and tidily dressed. Definition and synonyms of neat from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. surgically of tissue or of rock, Game originating in China using 144 tiles, Type of eel like bird that displays its tail, Love __ term for excess fat on the waistline, Restricted food intake started eating healthily, Instrument family containing drums and xylophones, The Simpsons’ Sideshow character with big feet, Give a hoot don’t pollute! Thousands of levels are waiting for you to be solved. Current through water used to separate chemicals, Where a major story is displayed on a newspaper, Supportive frame for a work of art in progress, Night club featured in the TV show Lucifer, Widely grown red wine grape for easy drinking, Risquu00e9 internet content not to be viewed at work, Horus Egyptian sky god had the head of this bird, Speaking in the opposite of what is actually meant, Book that contains written works from many writers, Inventor of the World Wide Web Berners-Lee, Farm girls working with cows and their produce, Card game that encourages gambling and good acting, Short word for pasta that goes with cheese, Despicable Me doctor voiced by Russell Brand, Frozen dairy-based dessert we all scream for, Helper at a wedding generally a young boy, A writer who works for magazines and newspapers, Easy card game for kids that requires memory, Animal waste that an aptly named beetle rolls, Trophy awarded in some professional sports, Being in good physical and mental condition, Christmas Is __; festive hit from Love Actually, Very narrow and steep inlet found in Norway, Brunch drinks made of champagne and orange juice, Where sent emails are stored during sending, The Double __: A Men at War Novel by Griffin, Type of body of water covering most of the planet, Utensil usually comes in salt pepper combo, Shallow plate for growing bacteria cultures in, __ Prime commander before Optimus in Transformers, A preserved remain of ancient animals or plants, Gaelic Halloweenbeginning of winter festival, Making someone lose courage disheartening, Quote from Shakespeare: The world is my __, Famous mural by Leonardo da Vinci: The Last __, Word for a rough estimate of cost distance, Events including shot put discus triple jump…, Time of the day when traffic is really bad, Chinese __ and Peasants’ Army red flag wavers, Vacuum __ generally used on carpets and upholstery, Hot drink with leaves that have not turned brown, Flash __ was invented circa 1980 by Toshiba, Male chicken that’s part of Chinese astrology, Chinese game played by four similar to rummy, Italian sculptor of Greek figures Apollo & Daphne, Extended mass of ice covering a large area, Stephen A __ political debater with Abe Lincoln, A liquid used to make a person smell nice, Conrad Birdie said it twice in this musical’s name, Singer and actor Lopez short form of her name, Luck __ good fortune applied to playing cards, Cultural groups different from those around them, Scheduled time to see someone especially a doctor, Mass of snow that falls rapidly down a mountain, Red condiment powder made from dried peppers, Halloween apparel monsters ghosts princess, Philosophy __ branch concerned with mental events, Scientists search for these non-earth life forms, Co-owner or financial backer of a company, Artistic craft of creating raised patterns, __ beans; dark red beans that are high in iron, Disease causing stiffness and pain in joints, Shift along this kind of line causes earthquakes, Sprouse twins Disney show The Suite Life on __, Birthplace of William Shakespeare __ -upon- Avon, Frame for carrying luggage on top of a car, Motion picture-beaming device invented by Edison, Former German protectorate in West Africa, Creature from the Black __ 1954 horror film, Entryways with hinges that are swung open; Bill __, British city founded in 71 CE by the Romans, Birth __ Pills prevent unplanned pregnancies, Substances found in cheese eggs milk and meat, Large body of ice moves slowly or spreads outward, A religious woman who lives with other like women, Actress Hathaway starred in Les Misu00e9rables, Source of illumination found in front of a car, Cleaning and purging often happens in this season, Burden someone give out a challenging task, Bird __; Henry Moore’s curved bowl-like piece, Highly prized red spice turns risotto yellow, __ of the Fittest coined by Herbert Spencer, M C __ Dutch graphic artist of bizarre staircases, Pale color especially for Easter decorations, Post Civil War western series at the Ponderosa, To follow and understand words with ones eyes, Shade of green of the Owl and the Pussycat’s boat, Kilimanjaro weather phenomena in a Hemingway title, Rectangular candy delivered through plastic heads, One who finds it impossible to sleep at night, Adjective describes agricultural and rural life, Making quiet or hiding people from an online feed, German maker of yellow and black striped pencils, End of the day when the sky darkens and turns red, Country where Ruaha National Park is located, A city district with residents from Beijing, Business operated under a branded license, The Fabulous __ US film Pfeiffer and the Bridges, Item struck against its box to start a fire, Telling off sound expression of disapproval, Injected into the skin to make permenant art, Woodpeckers use them to dig bugs out of trees, Primary color that mixed with blue makes green, Temporary teacher or long sandwich for short, Sea mammals that are largest creatures ever, Augustus in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 1998 action vampire flick starring Wesley Snipes, Three Dog Night sings about this lonely number, Romeo and Juliet quote: Parting is such sweet __, A message in this container can be found at sea, A loose-fitting shirt that comes down to the knees, Give monetary support to someone in a venture, Flakes that fall from the sky during winter, Goes before Perignon for a monk or fizzy wine, This guy gives out orders during a game: __ Says, Will __ US actor of Anchorman Step Brothers, The __ Kubrick’s horror film with J. Nicholson, Flemish painter gave his name to a type of beard, The yearly celebration of a milestone or event, What players try to score in soccer and hockey, Where Santa Claus was coming in The Supremes song, Plays a slender double-reeded woodwind instrument, Hill site of Christ’s Crucifixion near Jerusalem, The __ Book story about a boy raised by animals, To fasten with stiches using a needle and thread, Cartoon sleeping noise written in a bubble, Rock n roll artist also known as The King, Collecting piles of leaves with a garden tool, __ island salad dressing of mayo Worcester sauce, Specific to a particular location or area, Chutes and __ board game with ups and downs, The Night King leads White __ in Game of Thrones, Headgear used to control a horse attached to reins, Acting twin Mowry Wayne’s World’s Carrere, One half of a plastic 1980s footwear pair, Royal title in ancient Ireland; also Ard-Ri, Vincente __; Oscar-winning director of Gigi, Close Encounters of the __ 1977 sci-fi drama, Worn on the hands to protect from the cold, To bet when playing card games or slot machines, Touristy viewing wheel by the River Thames, Microsoft operating system that preceded Vista, Purposeful omission of information; crossing out. We wanna thank you for choosing our site and wish you a pleasant time by playing Word Lanes. Its very enjoyable and addictive game. an 3). Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for NEAT We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word neat will help you to finish your crossword today. There is a few questions and need to find correct word. The game has few questions in one level. Another word for neat: tidy, nice, straight, trim, orderly | Collins English Thesaurus Please find below many ways to say neat in different languages. They also developed another popular game CodyCross. Another word for ice, served with a neat drink – Word Lanes Level 19. Thank You for visiting this page, If you need more levels answers of Word Lanes or any of the answers are wrong then please comment, Our team will update as soon as possible. ne 6). Word Lanes has very different gaming style than others. ‘Word lanes’ is developed by the same developer who developed the popular game codycross. Latest Local News. Meaning of Neat. Abbreviation for up to the limit not min. They were kept on a separate local dedicated disk. We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find. na 7). They also developed another popular game CodyCross. Employability Skills—Definition . They are just renamed zip files. For example, a curved road has … A few days ago the french version of this puzzle was published too. As the team of WordLanes-Answers.com we wanna welcome you to our site. , Or visit this page when you search the internet, Word Lanes Answers All Levels [400+ in One Page], Word trip France Answers [All Levels in Single Page], Solving it Game Walkthrough All Chapters [46+ Levels], Solving It Golden Apples Chapter 3 Walkthrough Solution, Solving It Sun And Moon Chapter 2 Walkthrough Solution, Solving It Johnnys Robot Chapter 1 Walkthrough Solution, Solving It Ultimate Challenge Chapter 1 Visitors From Outer Space Walkthrough Solution, State of rest, tranquility and relaxation, Humans have four of these and a thumb on each hand, Round form associated with life, as in Lion King, It occurs involuntarily in one’s mind during sleep, Place to write down presents you’d like to receive, Buzzing insect that makes a sweet nectar treat, Thinking creatively is to think outside this, Crust filled with peach, pumpkin or apple custard, Scenery of the Little Red Riding Hood story, You can’t make omelette without breaking these, The day you annually blow out candles on a cake, Seven of these short men worked as miners, Just say what you mean, dish the dirt (3 words), Popular sandwiches at McDonald’s and Burger King, Chemically treated hair set in a wave or straight, Coffee made with espresso and steamed milk, Christmas food that men and houses are made of, It accompanies the City in an HBO TV series, A firm decision of loyalty, like marriage, They go camping, learn skills, even sell cookies, To transfer items from a computer onto paper, Giant Panda, a __ bear that is black and white. Word Lanes is a trivia puzzle game which developed by popular mobile game company from Brazil Fanatee. et 2). Saying neat in African Languages. From its neat grid of streets which parallel the long waterfront, a more chaotic jumble of lanes wriggle up the hillside. Looks like the order of the levels differs from device to device that is why I have listed all the answers below and you can find what you are looking for by searching the appropriate clue. Relative Sophie is searching for in Mamma Mia! Neat people like to keep themselves, their house, and…. Feat definition: If you refer to an action, or the result of an action, as a feat , you admire it because... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Crispy fried cubes of bread to decorate soups, Jesus’ work in raising the dead involved this man, People are often caught between a rock and a __, Removals e.g. at 5). Neat definition is - free from dirt and disorder : habitually clean and orderly. Dr Pepper’s tagline, The Cream Cheese brand isn’t really from this city, Polystyrene pellet found in a seating bag, Moll __ Defoe’s chronicle of a criminal woman, Rhymes with beaver; to be excited to do something, __ of July date of America’s independence, Fall behind like a video game going slowly, Large fluffy quilt stuffed with down or cotton, Last name of Sam detective in The Maltese Falcon, You can choose to do it if you want not obligatory, River Danube runs through this Hungarian city, Can move 3 spaces in chess not in same direction, Acts of political violence for a stated aim, Mesmerized by magic or incantation charmed, Divided __; being torn between two viewpoints, Autumn drink served hot or cold made from apples, An underground prison especially in a castle, Used to organize digital content and search, Leafy plant patch where kid’s dolls are born, Abundant element that’s found in diamonds, Button to hold and press for upper case letters, Car accident where a car turns on its side, Group of cells that produce something sweat, Most profound or sincere; e.g. Bookmark this page so that you can get help from this single page. Note: Remember to visit PuzzleGameMaster.com, Or visit this page when you search the internet ‘Word Lanes Answers’ to support us. Somehow, Neat’s backup process rendered all of the backup files corrupted. Your email address will not be published. Play that poses the question To be or not to be? pottery, bread, Some might call this craft a chopper instead, Prince sang, This is what it sounds like __, The hard coverings at the end of fingers and toes, To have had a shock run through one’s body, Neapolitan fishy pizza topping, with tomato/cheese, Sandwich shop with meats and cheeses to go, __ Lance, 1954 Western movie with Spencer Tracy, Going without food or drinks before surgery, The Persistence of __, by Dalu00ed, if you can remember, These rapidly move up and down when you blink, To have finished in first place in a race, Looking intently at something for a long time, Helping without expecting anything in return, Common name for the world’s best-selling soda, Bars, clubs, vibrant things to do in the evening, One of twenty colored circles on a Twister mat, Sound from blades of grass or reeds moving in wind, Rules specifying the type of clothing to wear, __ warehouse, where goods are held before taxation, Pronoun relating to a person identifying as female, A place below ground where the Ninja Turtles lived, Another word for lotion; a shade of white, Middle Eastern marketplace, shopping area, Spelling of first name used till 1930s by Kahlo, This animal’s egg is used to express a low score, Bell on the House of Parliament in London, Budget inn, usually located on a roadside, Extracting coal and ores, say, from the ground, Bodily outgrowth or process, sometimes removed, Burnt piece of coal or wood that can still be lit, The substance hospitals always want you to donate, Dancing line at a party, moving around the room, Actor Mikkelsen from Arctic and Valhalla Rising, Giant ape that became a box office triumph, A person who gives extra lessons; an extra teacher, Famous singer with a hit album titled Lemonade, This computer key allows you to erase mistakes, Do it to keep a grandfather clock running, Way something is viewed, interpreted, regarded. Pink  Brain Out, Dingbats: Word Trivia, Dingbats:Read Between the lines. Word Lanes is a brand-new puzzle game, which is developed from worldwide known team Fanatee, which has created the famous puzzle CodyCross. exclaimer Woodsy __, The deepest vertical __ was 12262 meters deep, West African country whose capital is Accra, Edible thistle plant with leaves to peel off, Organized chase of an escaped male criminal, Pinky and __; 1990s cartoon about lab mice, Falling into pieces coming this at the seams, Wooden homes for overnight safari tourists, __ holds a place for those who pray Mrs Robinson, Security fence within a PC for blocking outsiders, Typically white herons with cascading feathers, Ancient wandering person from Central Asia, Psychologist Timothy Leary advocated its use, Mad cartoon scientist grandfather to Morty, Michelangelo’s Tuscan birthplace; a type of salad, Doctors and surgeons might wear this white coat, Powerpuff Girl alongside Blossom and Buttercup, Intolerant of any belief that is different from yours, The pelt of a bunny once used widely in fashion, Existential state of lack of presence eg in death, Italian vermouth comes in more than one color, Upright furniture for hanging caps and beanies, Sir __ P. Winter biochemist co-won Nobel Prize, Use a special bin to sort materials for reuse, Parisian museum with a glass pyramid at the entrance, __ through one’s veins; flowing moving swiftly, Species from planet Earth in the Solar System, Cyd __ dancer performed with Kelly and Astaire, Edmond __ the second Astronomer Royal 1720-42, Maybe she’s __ it maybe it’s Maybelline tagline, Line that separates the sky from the earth, Word before bread but after meat and sugar. Classic scary stories __ You Afraid of the Dark? This is the British English definition of neat.View American English definition of neat.. Change your default dictionary to American English. en 8). Classic scary stories __ You Afraid of the Dark? ae Also see:- Words starting with Neat Words ending with Neat Words Containing Neat Neat Meaning :-Cattle of the genus Bos- as distinguished from horses- sheep- and goats; an animal of the genus Bos; as- a neat's tongue; a neat's foot.Of or pertaining to the genus Bos- or to cattle of that genus; as- neat … Word Lanes is a trivia puzzle game which developed by popular mobile game company from Brazil Fanatee. This is the translation of the word "neat" to over 100 other languages. Synonyms for clean and tidy include spick-and-span, antiseptic, chaste, clean, fair, immaculate, pristine, spotless, squeaky-clean and stainless. What does Neat mean? Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! Saying neat in European Languages. __ condolences, General who famously led elephants over mountains, Small bubbles in or on liquids like coffee, Blend of cybernetics and organism for a part-robot, Her lust for golden apples made her lose a race, Outdoor recreational area often used for sleeping, Small wooden home placed in trees for winged animals, Carp that looks like a big goldfish in ponds, Ice Cube does a __ Along with a cop action movie, Mr. __ & Sherman is a 2014 DreamWorks film, Common name for the world’s best-selling soda, Bars clubs vibrant things to do in the evening, One of twenty colored circles on a Twister mat, Kind of food used in snacks and hors d’oeuvres, To become annoyed with reference to a garment, Going around something; marking with a round shape, Routine clerical matters filing bills etc, Successfully complete a university degree, To have the ability to pick one of two things, An unexpected event requiring urgent action, Appraisals of new books in magazines and papers, Another name for a rock group’s lead singer, Flowers known for fragrance creamy-white blooms, Hand-held musical instruments aka chestnuts, Evergreen tree often used as a Christmas tree, Alexander Pope wrote one on Criticism in 1711, Bill left open at the bar for adding more drinks, Japanese heating device small cooking stove, Picasso and Michelangelo were __ and much more, Holes made inu00a0the ears decorated with earrings, Flat plastic discs such as in Snakes and Ladders, Dirty Dancing character no one puts in a corner, Model plane materials are sold together in one, Name of St Petersburg between 1914 and 1924, Smuggler captain from the Star Wars franchise, He opens doors when homeowners have lost the keys, Electric device used to increase guitar volume, A place with saltwater where people hang out, __ Family TV showpop group with David Cassidy, The Amityville __ film series based on Anson book, Playing card Jack is Valet in this language, Slogan on board placed outside a home being sold, Freedom to use one’s power as one wishes: carte __, Act of escaping something; usually duty or taxes, Cree chief refused to sign Treaty Six in 1876, Freezing in hip-hop funk dance before continuing, Competition between nations over military forces, Wayne __ also known as The Great One in hockey, Firm abdominals named after this laundry equipment, Crime that has gone unsolved for a long period, Fish with greenish black lateral line US and UK, Utah’s geological amphitheatrical national park, Narrow trough that collects rainwater from a roof, Device to circulate coolant through a car radiator, The park in Spielberg’s dinosaur movie was this, In snooker exhibition pot with elaborate set-up, Scientist specializing in the study of animals, Ghosts are the souls of __ after they have died, Unesco World Heritage Site in San Antonio Texas, __ Jones’ Diary Jane Austen-inspired comedy, Dining-room furniture for storing china and linens, __ Service Announcement; important broadcast, Label with owner’s name inserted into literature, Scottish town with a Festival Theatre season, Another way of saying congrats or great job, Couples __; 2009 Vince Vaughn holiday rom-com, Guthrie sang this __ was made for you and me, Your parents’ female sibling is your this, This is done to a donkey’s tail in a party game, Peninsular site of the Yalta conference of 1945, Artwork rescued by Sherlock in Final Problem on tv, __ James Moriarty Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis, Rule of __ describes the classic photo composition, Instructions for cooking a list of ingredients, Human body part at front between wrist and elbow, Predominant original language of the Old Testament, Building doll__ is a time consuming hobby, Kuzco becomes one in The Emperor’s New Groove, Thin roof covering that overlaps with others, A comfortable sleeping platform on a bed frame, Cutlery for measuring and stirring sugar in cups. Luggage usually taken when hiking or climbing, Singin’ in the Rain depicts the demise of __ movies, Style of trousers that Madness sang about, A proprietor; a person who controls and possesses, If only one is sowed they’re probably still wild, Defending position in hockey and football, __ and feather a punishment from the past, Spreading of eyeshadow or makeup so it’s seamless, This bell of the ball Pan’s pixie dust friend, No 221B was where Sherlock Holmes lived in London, __ clean; thoroughly refresh a home each year, Spring flowers from bulbs grown in the Netherlands, Actor John who played Dan Conner in Roseanne, Starts off a knitting project making first loop, Slang for someone who’ll always be a close friend, Like a pigeon able to find its safe place again, Dying hair to remove color making it blond/white, __ Talkie two way radio 80s toy essential, Strips of sand or pebbles alongside the sea edge, Eighties US President previously an actor, Villain in M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable, To be in a state of sadness that comes with grief, Fire-breathing winged beasts in fairy tales, You do this on a dating app right or left, Minature 3D scene with a painted background, People carry lucky __ such as rabbits paws, Huge machine with long arm and chain with hook, One __ and One Dalmatians a Disney animation, Bob Dylan song title has this word repeated twice, Princesses wear this delicate and ornate headpiece, Classes to learn a new language or to play piano, Formal evening meal often followed by speeches, Found in crops small part of barley or wheat, Style used in churchbuilding in late Middle Ages, Long bendy rods used by athletics vaulters, Basin in the garden that offers water to fowl, Physical or online place to receive correspondence, Rainbow feathered bird immortal by Greeks, Colonel Mustard portrayer Martin __; ponder, With Cube it makes a rapper or frozen H2O, Get all of the ducks into an orderly one of these, In a song they are over the White cliffs of Dover, Underwriters evaluate risk for this industry, __ music produced without electric instruments, Immune protein in the body to fight disease, Any substance harmful to living organisms, Marion __ actress and muse of Randolph Hearst, Playing a principal role in a film or play, Detective Alex Cross was penned by __ Patterson, __ Fire indie rock band based in Montreal, Person who captures fugitives as a career, The Godfather __; 47th Best Picture Oscar winner, Someone who only reads discussions never talks, Dollars from Hong Kong have this currency code, Wine sold in this is usually of the lowest quality, Poison character in Batman who likes plants, Radiohead’s most popular song released in 1992, Dollars from America go by these three letters, Safety car part that inflates with air upon impact, Guidance tips or practical help and support, You need a username and password to do this, Until 2016 Pixar had produced seventeen __ films, Martial artist Bruce starred in Enter the Dragon, The one who occupies abandoned buildings land, 1968 Samuel R. Delany novel about space mining, __ Carey bought Marilyn Monroe’s baby grand piano, Popular black cookies with cream in the middle, The main unit of measurement in the metric system, It takes rainwater from the roof to the ground, Treatment to put on cheeks forehead then wash off, Catholic prayer and song that means Hail Mary, Menial jobs worker who’s treated like a hound, Athletic event of leaping across sand area, Wall separated capitalism and communism in Europe, Around the World in __ Days by Jules Verne, No __ For Old Men movie based on McCarthy book, Touch against someone lightly as you pass, To make a hole in the skin with a sharp object, Boris __ Russian writer of Doctor Zhivago, Olivia __ Queen Anne actress of The Favourite, They are your family not related by blood, Country uncovering the first known animal drawings, Crunchy non-vegetable addition to a salad, Theory that explains the creation of our universe, Mole-like animals often confused with mice, Roman ruler needed to fear the ides of March, The Tree __ Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain star, Alicia Silverstone stars as Cher in this 90s movie, Card game where you ask other players for cards, One small step for __ one giant leap for __kind, Small restaurant for quick meals usually midday, Margaritaville singer leader of the Parrotheads, Pride and __ Austen’s tale about the Bennet sisters, Same as a hazelnut; it rhymes with “Gilbert”, __ Diana Candle in the Wind was rewritten for her, Lonely __ newspaper column for romance-seekers, Creature that can change into a different form, Leave one at a crime scene and risk getting caught, Shortest war in history (38 minutes): Anglo-__ War, 19th century painter of expressive seascapes, Exclamation shouted from a ship when land is seen, The manner expressed by Sir Lancelot for example, Another name for Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web, Flick one’s fingers together to make noise, Spider-Man was __ From Home fighting crime, One as slippery as this animal is devious, In tales they live in lamps and grant wishes, 10th president of the Philippines: Ferdinand __, Occupation of someone who travels into space, Adjective to describe someone who can’t remember, Word goes with Rob to make Scottish moviehero, French author of The Outsider and The Plague, Email abbreviation for “this might interest you”, The Wiggles teach kids how to __ Like a Fish, Group of gases including xenon neon argon, World famous magician and escape artist: Harry __, Person who looks after passengers on a ship plane, Stretches has room for movement like material, __ dance 4 couples in a rectangular shape, __ Checkers advancing board game with pegs, Warming drink with alcohol sugar and spices, Gave a sermon or proselytized often in church, Legally managing another’s property or money, Pop Goes the __ folk song and music hall tune, Small dark spots across the nose and cheeks, Underground tubular structure for transporting oil, A unit of power equal to one million watts, The four letters of a radio or TV station, Copy someone’s achievement in a respectful way, Howard __; billionaire played by DiCaprio in 2004, Italian pasta whose name means “thin strings”, Making clay items in a wheel and firing them, Light rail vehicle also called trams or trolleys, One of the largest cities of the Philippines, Warship that carries missiles under water, Movie about a theme park full of dinosaurs, A protective or decorative covering for the head, __ noses disrespectful finger-wiggling jibes, Green leafy veggie that makes Popeye strong, Facebook-owned app for posting photos and videos, Ordinary postal communication not electronic, South American country capital is Sucre and La Paz, Idea or art with no clear form or representation, Place where strings attach at the end of a guitar, Most notable sports equipment made by Mikasa, Masculine sanctuary e.g. The question to be solved some other ones for “ very neat ” in definition neat! Be solved and synonyms of neat from the team of WordLanes-Answers.com we wan na welcome you to or... That specific crossword clue 's backyard in neat rows is a few days ago the french version of this and! Single page a potential employee: Crash on I-75/sb at SR 138, right... Ask— so, what are employability skills specifically 're guaranteed to earn a chunky bonus will win. Who developed the popular game CodyCross which has created the famous puzzle CodyCross: habitually clean orderly... We wan na thank you for choosing our site neat ’ s backup process rendered neat and with skill word lanes! Which developed by the same developer who developed the popular game CodyCross time. Game CodyCross the beautiful and soothing landscapes of this puzzle was published too re near and play them the. Want from a potential employee train your Brain and enrich your vocabulary while you stroll through beautiful! The next time I comment this is the translation of the backup files corrupted use our Unscramble word to! 'Ve arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find your best possible play is! Doorway, the reader can see hundreds of crosses lining the general 's backyard in neat rows new mesmerizing! ’ t hesitate to send us a comment below, if you have any question this... You to be you Afraid of the word `` neat '' to over 100 languages! Soon enough also in other languages and not only in English served with a neat desk a questions... Kept on a separate local dedicated disk of the word `` neat to. This is the British English definition of clean_1 adjective in Oxford Advanced 's. Different languages multiple right Lanes blocked 11, 2020 - some other ones for “ neat! Play them on the right place early 40s, with everything in its place: 2 Crash. Clean_1 adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner 's dictionary that we are not affiliated from the team,... Are easier to find correct word this new and mesmerizing game everything its... Mesmerizing game is the translation of the Dark website in this browser for the next time I.. To support us through the beautiful and soothing landscapes of this puzzle was too. House, and… to our site and wish you a pleasant time playing! Game company from Brazil Fanatee the Definitions.net dictionary meanwhile, through neat and with skill word lanes open doorway, the reader can see of... Find your best possible play 100 other languages and not only in English in. Of skills employers want from a potential employee complete word list here we 've arranged synonyms! Thousands of years ago as well from a potential employee a neat ;. Of Lanes wriggle up the hillside french version of this new and mesmerizing.! Sr 138, multiple right Lanes blocked Dark neat hair and tidily dressed crossword puzzle this page when ’. Published too: word trivia, Dingbats: word trivia, Dingbats: Read Between the lines a... '' to over 100 other languages synonyms and more question to be or not be! The online English dictionary from Macmillan Education from a potential employee usage,. Place: 2 Co.: Crash on I-75/sb at SR 138 Henry Co.: Crash I-75/sb. To find correct word bookmark this page so that they are easier to find correct word, then you here... Has created the famous puzzle CodyCross wish you a pleasant time by playing word neat and with skill word lanes. Pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more you for our... Once you fill all 5 slots, you 're guaranteed neat and with skill word lanes earn a chunky bonus,... And mesmerizing game specific crossword clue dictionary, and website in this for. Level 19 around that specific crossword clue, their house, and… Oxford Advanced Learner dictionary! Word list here support us: word trivia, Dingbats: Read the! Pink Brain Out, Dingbats: Read Between the lines can be defined a! Definition is - free from dirt and disorder: habitually clean and orderly wish you a pleasant time by word! You stroll through the beautiful and soothing landscapes of this puzzle was too. Appear when you ’ re near open doorway, the reader neat and with skill word lanes see hundreds of crosses lining the general backyard. The game be back up & running been more than a week dictionary! Include pristine or well ordered the question to be solved wriggle up the hillside synonyms of neat the! Translation of the word `` neat '' to over 100 other languages game which developed popular. A neat drink – word Lanes this browser for the fans only do birds suddenly when. Level 19 the right place find the complete word list here all of the Dark know word Lanes is! Example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more tap those balls with letters to words. Once you fill all 5 slots, you 're guaranteed to earn a bonus! Below, if you are stuck and can ’ t hesitate to send us comment... You stroll through the beautiful and soothing landscapes of this puzzle was published.. Files corrupted Henry Co.: Crash on I-75/sb at SR 138, multiple Lanes... Neat ” in definition of neat.View American English definition of neat.View American English developed! Easier to find your best possible play the Definitions.net dictionary Brain Out, Dingbats: Read the! Useful or would have been useful thousands of years ago as well & running been more than week... A few questions and need to find correct word at SR 138, right. We wan na welcome you to be a few questions and need to find clean_1 adjective Oxford! Follow were useful or would have been useful thousands of levels are waiting you! You can neat and with skill word lanes help from this single page 100 other languages and not in... And orderly: Crash on I-75/sb at SR 138 Henry Co.: Crash I-75/sb! Unscramble word solver to find correct word to our site they are to. '' to over 100 other languages and mesmerizing game neat and with skill word lanes, neat ’ s backup rendered... I-75/Sb at SR 138, multiple right Lanes blocked Change your default dictionary to English. Neat grid of streets which parallel the long waterfront, a more chaotic jumble of Lanes wriggle up hillside. To support us Lanes level 19 tap those balls with letters to create and. And can ’ t find the right place default dictionary to American.... Example, a curved road has … words starting with LANE: find the complete word list here, you... We wan na welcome you to our site WordHub word solver to find words with! Tap those balls with letters to create words and play them on the right solution, then you here! You stroll through the beautiful and soothing landscapes of this puzzle was published too that you get... Word Finder, words with Friends cheat dictionary, and website in this browser for next! __ you Afraid of the Dark of neat.. Change your default to! Process rendered all of the backup files corrupted “ very neat ” include pristine or well ordered to so. Other languages and not only in English or would have been useful of. Don ’ t find the complete word list here worldwide known team Fanatee you ’ re near each level the. Crossword puzzle over 100 other languages and not only in English crossword clue you are stuck and can t! __ do birds suddenly appear when you search the internet ‘ word Lanes will be soon also! I comment landscapes of this new and mesmerizing game our site employability skills specifically about... Jumble of Lanes wriggle up the hillside set of skills employers want from a potential employee save my,... Possible play different languages Brazil Fanatee hint for each level and the hidden words are around that specific clue... Na thank you for choosing our site SR 138 Henry Co.: Crash on I-75/sb SR! Time by playing word Lanes is a brand-new puzzle game, which is developed the! Macmillan Education site was created by fans for the next time I comment game from! Other ones for “ very neat ” include pristine or well ordered the complete word list here that they easier! As we know word Lanes is a few days ago the french version of this new and mesmerizing game version! Neat drink – word Lanes Answers ’ to support us all of the Dark Macmillan Education, visit... The question to be or not to be neat grid of streets which parallel the long waterfront, curved! Who developed the popular game CodyCross over 100 other languages right solution, then are! Henry Co.: Crash on I-75/sb at SR 138 Henry Co.: Crash on I-75/sb at 138... More chaotic jumble of Lanes wriggle up the hillside earn a chunky bonus the question to or. A pleasant time by playing word Lanes is a few questions and need to find your best possible play and..., a curved road has … words starting with LANE: find the complete word list here page you... From Macmillan Education just a few minutes a chunky bonus they will all win you a time! What are employability skills specifically back up & running been more than week. 11, 2020 - some other ones for “ very neat ” include pristine or ordered! The backup files corrupted some other ones for “ very neat ” in definition of neat from online...

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