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Delivery Dilemma – One Unique Challenge for Furniture Industry

For certain items such as pants and shirts, paper towels, shoes, and dog food, it is simple for the companies to pack this in the standard box with some common packing materials & send it to FedEx or UPS for delivery. Same can’t be said when delivering furniture items. Whereas many people are quite reluctant to buy online furniture, giving the brick-and-mortar shops edge over the online furniture retailers, there’s the high number of the consumers who are very keen to make the purchase online for their furniture items. Around 80% of the consumer’s research for furniture choices on internet before you makes the purchase.  As number of sales increases online for furniture market, many companies may see increase in the frustrations, particularly around delivery. But, Wayfair offers the best deal, and you can easily avail Wayfair promo codes today.

Why’s Delivery a Challenge?

Furniture industry has actually found it very tough to maintain the consumer expectations. Consumers are trained to expect the same-day or 2 day delivery when they are buying the product on internet. Lots of furniture companies cannot meet and overcome these expectations. Traditionally, after the furniture order online, the consumers wait for one or two day to schedule the phone call for in-home delivery. And from there, this can be from days and weeks to receive the order, mainly if it’s something that this customized, such as upholstered furniture. Thus, switching to the model where consumers may select the time or date online will reduce burden on the customer service as well as fasten shipment time.

Wayfair online shopping

Furniture delivery is plagued by the inconsistent customer experiences. Primarily when using the third-party furniture delivery service, company loses total control over customer experience & interaction with driver and delivery team. The customer might have the seamless experience online, then get pieces that they ordered with ding or stain. These scenarios damage Furniture Company’s brand.


The long-distance delivery of furniture will cost the furniture business around $2,000 for a single truckload in a few cases. Most of the companies oppose to invest in many distribution centers or have selected to focus over saturating local and regional markets for creating the delivery density. Because of the large and unusual shape, many furniture items, like sectional sofas and mattresses, will not get delivered through the standard parcel delivery system (UPS, FedEx, or USPS). Thus, delivery takes a bit longer than 2 to 3 days that is a norm for many consumer items.